Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie

Cringeworthy- But in a good way.

So good that I felt the need to torture myself with it twice; which with orange wednesdays, is a luxury I can thankfully afford. I use the words 'good' and 'torture' in the same sentence to demonstrate my complete mixed response to the film. In one moment alone I felt myself wanting to cry, engulf the characters in a bear hug, laugh until my sides hurt; and vomit.

The essence of the film comes from three hormonal teens and their struggle to find social acceptance. It is a story of breaking conventions, redemption, the growth into adulthood, and most importantly; how not to act around human beings. I feel that this film takes a didactive form in teaching its' viewers moral lessons in life.

Number 1) Don't consider the possibility of wearing matching t.shirts to your friends that read 'Pussay- Patrol'. You will look, despite the purpose, the biggest fool imaginable.

Number 2) Don't trust a random stranger when he promises to buy all your shitty old clothing, including what you're wearing at the time. You will be left naked, alone, holding a newspaper to your crotch to maintain any ounce of modesty you didn't quite have to begin with.

Number 3) Don't leave your friends to book a holiday for you. It is likely that you will wake up in an ants nest as a result of excessive drinking, or wake up to the pleasant sound of your friend recieving oral from an elderly woman. I'll leave you to decide which is the more desireable option.

The film encompasses overdramatic situations with complete emotional and character realism. It is the relateability of the characters, despite their ridiculousness, that I feel makes this film what it is. The feeling of being the only virgin left in the entire world. The feeling of heartbreak from your first love. Or that feeling of complete awkwardness as you emerge into an empty club with a promised atmosphere. We've all been there; and so have the imbetweeners; Simon, Jay, Neil and Will.

It is Wills sarcastic yet genuine narrative that particularly draws me in. He and I suffer from similar syndromes; Social Awkwardness, despite knowing deep down that you are the coolest specimine that ever walked the earth. Even when your friends 'help you with your suncream' to ensure a falac shaped burn on your back, or when being mocked by your own family for being 'uncool', we still maintain this to be true.

Not since American Pie has there been such a hilarious demonstration of teenage boys and their mission to find 'clunge', or many other varations of the word that appear in the film; this film made all the better because, lets face it, it's a british comedy. And we british know how it's done! It includes all the humour from real life situations, along with tragic truths and saddening realities. We know that life is coming to get us, and take us off to university or work, or just somewhere away from one another; but we may as well have a great send off!

I think though, personally, I'll give Malia a miss.

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